4th Grade Activities

**This is NOT a PTO run Committee**

What are "4th Grade Activities"?

Each year the 4th grade team, school staff, and parents form a 4th Grade Activities Committee to plan and execute special activities for the out-going 4th grade class. These include a class t-shirt, yearbook, end of year field day + lunch, moving-on ceremony, etc. Based on available funds, volunteers, and circumstances the 4th Grade Activities Committee may modify or organize additional events for 4th grade students and families, such as a 4th Grade Only Movie Night.

The PTO supports the 4th Grade Activities Committee by:

  • Holding and dispersing funds raised, including the use & management of the PTO's online payment site.

  • Gifting some $$ to the 4th Grade Activities Committee. The amount gifted each year is set at the budget approval meeting in September. Any additional funds the 4th Grade Activities requires must be raised by the Committee and approved by the PTO Treasurer.
  • Acting as a central "hub" for information to be stored & passed down from year to year.

2023-2024 Info & Documents

T-shirt order forms and activities fees are due by Friday December 1, 2023!

Printable T-shirt Order form (return to school with cash or check)